Klotz Kart Special 4 Stroke Oil is a blend of BeNol Racing Castor oil and Techniplate Synthetic Lubricant. Kart Special is designed for use in Briggs & Stratton stock and modified engines with gasoline and methanol alcohol fuels. 16oz bottle 
  • TechniPlate Peak Film Strength and Anti-Wear protection
  • Extreme load carrying capacity engineered to reduce bearing and ring wear
  • Thermally stable in Hi-RPM applications for increased horsepower
  • Excellent low-temperature flow protects at start-up
  • Shear Resistant Anti-Foam Polymers maintain optimum lubrication
  • High Dispersant value prevents engine deposits
  • Prevents fuel wash and compression loss
  • Blends with Gasoline and Methanol Alcohol

Kart Special Techhniplate 4 Stroke Oil

  • $6.69

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